James Butler

James Butler, volunteer and Cancer Council NSW board member.

James Butler, volunteer and Cancer Council NSW board member.

Moving through the many roles of a volunteer at Cancer Council NSW

In writing this article for Volunteer Voice I would like to acknowledge the many other volunteers who work tirelessly for Cancer Council NSW and the cancer cause generally, who don’t seek or receive acknowledgement for what they do.

You are amazing people and wonderful friends. You know who you are and I say thank you most sincerely for what you do.

As a Cancer Council NSW volunteer for many years I decided last year to stand for election to the Board of Cancer Council NSW. In my many years as a volunteer across all areas of the work of the Cancer Council NSW I thought I should add my voice and the voice of the many volunteers who I have worked with to the decision making table.

As a cancer survivor I have always felt a need to give back so I began my volunteering for Cancer Council NSW selling daffodils and doing some individual fundraising mainly through running events.

When Relay For Life was in its early stages in NSW I was invited to be part of the organising committee for the proposed Hills Relay (the world’s best Relay). I joined the committee and have spent the last 15 years happily involved, including three years as chair.

During the early years it was brought to my attention that Cancer Council NSW were becoming actively involved with advocacy and were training groups of people who had a connection to one of the Cancer Council NSW regional offices. This was something I had an interest in so I became an advocate.

After some time I also became part of consumers involved with research; where trained consumers have a say in what research is funded by Cancer Council NSW.

Some of my other roles as a volunteer include Community Speaker, Relay Advisory team, Regional advisory Committee, local Cancer network etc. etc.

The volunteering roles mentioned above are just some examples of the great variety of roles volunteers can become involved in at Cancer Council NSW, and they all help to strengthen the organisation so that it can continue the work to reduce the burden of a cancer diagnosis on our families and friends.

As a very proud Cancer Council NSW volunteer I encourage anyone who feels they have something to offer to talk to staff in your local offices or contact the Volunteer Unit about some of the opportunities there are for you to become more involved with some very exciting success stories that can change lives for cancer patients and their families.

“How powerful is that!”