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Mystery Box, Dubbo Departure

Fundraiser, Car rally

Mystery Box, Dubbo Departure
  • When: Saturday 25 November - Wednesday 29 November
  • Cost: $625 per team of two
  • More info: Mystery Box

Imagine taking part in a car rally, driving a car you have never seen before, without knowing where you’re going – welcome to Mystery Box!

Mystery Box is the baby brother of Shitbox Rally.

Teams will drive their own 25+ year old cars along a mystery route in this unique 5 day challenge, all in the name of cancer research. The route is a loop starting and finishing at the same location, but all the other details are kept under wraps, only given to the teams each morning.

For 2017 and beyond, Mystery Box will require the teams to source their own vehicles. The cars can be of any value, but they must be at least 25 years old.

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