Tips for parents

Sun Sound 2016

What is the Sun Sound?

Sun Sound is a catchy jingle being played hourly between 11am and 3pm at beaches and pools as a friendly reminder to protect our skin. When you’re out and about during summer, it’s easy to forget how strong the sun is. Everyone knows what to do when they’re in the sun – but we tend to forget to actually do it. That’s why there’s the Sun Sound.

Tamworth, Maroubra, Parkes and Eden are just a few of the locations where over 100 beaches and pools playing the Sun Sound across NSW this summer.


Tips for Parents

It’s important to make sure your teen has their own sun protection with them when they head to the beach or pool. In fact, more than a third of teens head out without taking sunscreen. Here are some ways you can help:

  • This summer, when you pick up your family pack of sunscreen make sure you also get your teen their own smaller tube that can be easily packed into a beach bag or clipped onto a backpack.
  • Look for a spray or dry touch sunscreen to make application easy and non-greasy
  • Need present ideas for your kids this Christmas? Buy them a new hat, clothing or sunnies – the more on trend they are, the more likely they are to wear them.
  • Stock up on a few extra sun protection items in the summer sales so your household is never in short supply


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