Karissa- Allum House

karissaI used to smoke at least a 50-pack a day. The smoking rule, that only one person could smoke at a time, was already in place when I moved in. So it stopped group sessions of smoking and you wouldn’t go out there to social smoke. It was only when you really needed. I always had patches and gum, and I used to sit in the lounge room, watch TV, chew the gum.

Because you know, they were only trying to save your life. No one’s perfect, as you know, but yeah that really did help a lot.

I have cut down. I’ve only had two smokes today. I asked my mum to employ some of the stuff they do here back at home, so that way I still have a little bit of an extra push, so I know I am not going to go out and smoke 50 a day again.

I did want to quit but I just couldn’t push it, couldn’t push myself. I didn’t have that courage and that confidence enough to be able to do it, and I got that confidence by living here.

I think it’s a very good thing. If you stop social smoking, then you have more time, you have more money and you can spend it with your friends.

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