How to boost fruit + veg

Are you struggling to meet your 2 fruit and 5 vegies each day and looking for ways to squeeze more into your daily diet? Read on for some simple suggestions…


  • Fruit salad: plain, or with yoghurt
  • Frozen fruit: Freeze segments of fruit (grapes, berries, oranges, bananas)
  • Fruit skewers: Cut fresh fruit up, then thread onto a skewer
  • Smoothies: blend fruit with milk, yoghurt and ice
  • Veg pieces: sticks of carrots and cucumbers with hummus
  • Mini pizza: English muffin with veg and cheese on top, grilled.


  • Cereal/Porridge: slice fresh fruit on top
  • English muffin: Low-fat ricotta cheese with sliced banana + honey
  • Toast: Serve with cooked veg like mushrooms, tomatoes, sweet corn
  • Omelettes: add mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, capsicum, sweet corn or spinach to the mix
  • Pancakes: add grated apple, sliced banana, or desiccated coconut to mix; or grated veg for a savoury flavour
  • Pancakes: Top with fresh fruit, or cooked veg.


  • Soups: make veg soup with whatever you have in the fridge or pantry! Add lentils or chickpeas to boost the content
  • Sandwiches: Add beetroot, tomato, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, or leftover roast veg
  • Pizzas: top with capsicum, pineapple, olives, onion, tomatoes, mushrooms.


  • Stir fries: chopped carrots, chopped Asian greens, frozen peas or corn
  • Pasta: Add a combination of peas, tomatoes, baby spinach, kidney beans, grated carrot/zucchini to your spag bol, or used a tin of tomatoes as a base
  • Roasts: pumpkin, potato, garlic, onion, tomatoes, zucchini, sweet potato, beetroot.


  • Add sliced fruit like apple or pear, or mango in summer
  • Grate carrot through your salad
  • Add roasted veg like pumpkin
  • Add dried fruit like sultanas or prunes to couscous.