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Treatment and side effects

Chemotherapy eBook Complementary therapies eBook radiation therapy eBook surgery eBook

Coping with cancer and recovery

cancer, work and you Caring for Someone with Cancer eBook emotions and cancer eBook  

After your cancer treatment

living well after cancer eBook nutrition and cancer eBook Sexuality, Intimacy and Cancer eBook  

Cancer types

acute leukaemia cover bowel eBook chronic leukaemia eBook Hodgkin lymphoma eBook

melanoma eBook

myeloma eBook

non-Hodgkin lymphoma eBook


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ebook?

An ebook is a book in a digital format that you can easily download and read on your smartphone, tablet or some other type of eReader.

You can have many ebooks saved on your device, and you can read our ebooks wherever and whenever you like — for example, in the doctor’s waiting room, sitting on the train, or relaxing at home.

Ebooks have great features that make the online reading experience easier and more accessible.

For example, if you’re using the Apple Books app (similar in Android apps), you can:

  • change the font style and size to suit you
  • change the background colour
  • turn on the Auto-Night theme, which adjusts the colour and brightness when you read in low-light conditions
  • bookmark pages you want to come back to
  • search for a specific word or page number
  • keep your books organised in a digital library
  • copy text and send it to other people via email or messenger.

Which information booklets are available as ebooks?

A number of our cancer information booklets are available as ebooks. These include topics such as:

You can also access all our cancer-related information as PDFs or on our website.

How do I download an ebook?

To download an ebook on your mobile device or tablet, follow these steps:

  1. Tap one of the book icons, and an ebook will download onto the browser (Safari, Chrome etc) on your device
  2. Tap on the download icon at the top of your screen
  3. Tap on the ebook icon, and the ebook will automatically open up in a suitable app.*

Even though downloading a Cancer Council ebook doesn’t use up much data, we suggest you download ebooks onto your device when you’re in a free WiFi zone.

Once the ebooks are downloaded onto your device, you don’t need to be online to access them, so you can read them without an internet connection.

Can I download ebooks directly from my book app?

Yes, it’s easy to download ebooks (including all our cancer information ebooks) from within your book app.

To do this on an iPhone or iPad (similar on Android devices):

  1. Open up your app
  2. Search for the title of the book or author (e.g. Understanding Bowel Cancer or Cancer Council), and the relevant ebooks will pop up on your screen
  3. Tap on the ebook you want, then tap on the ‘Get’ button under the ebook, and it will download onto your smartphone, tablet, or other type of eReader.

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* If you don’t have an Apple device (i.e. an iPhone, iPad, etc.) you may need to download an appropriate eReader app.

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