What is it?

Naturopathy maintains that the mind, body and spirit are all connected, and that the body can heal itself through dietary and lifestyle changes. Many of the underlying principles of naturopathy, such as the importance of diet and exercise, are also part of conventional medicine.

Naturopathy finds and treats both the cause and effect of a person’s symptoms using a combination of dietary changes, bodywork such as various forms of massage, and herbal medicines or nutritional supplements.

What to expect?

After taking a case history, a naturopath may suggest a combination of diet changes, bodywork or exercise, and herbal or nutritional remedies.

What is the evidence?

The benefits of some aspects of naturopathy, such as massage and nutrition (excluding extreme dietary practices), have good clinical evidence for people with cancer. Other aspects of naturopathy have mixed levels of evidence. See individual therapies for more information.

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