How to find a study

There are many ways to find out about a clinical trial or other study. Most specialists know about current studies and may recommend a suitable study to you. If your hospital has a clinical trials or research nurse, you can also ask them whether there are any studies that might be appropriate for you.

Hospital and treatment centre waiting rooms often have information about current studies. You can also search clinical trials websites or you might hear about a study through patient support groups or in the general media.

If there isn’t a suitable study now, you can register with some organisations to be informed of studies that come up in the future. Click on this list of websites to find or register for clinical trials.

If you find a trial you’re interested in joining, ask your doctor if you meet the eligibility criteria and, if so, whether they could coordinate your involvement or put you in touch with the research team.

You don’t have to join a study at your treatment centre – your doctor can refer you to a more suitable trial at another centre.

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