Francine’s story

Francine during chemotherapy

Francine during chemotherapy

Cancer doesn’t discriminate by age. When Francine was 31 years old, she thought she was too young to worry about cancer. Until she became one of the estimated 1,500 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year.

One thing that many people affected by cancer have in common is that they never thought it would happen to them… until it did. Francine was young, fit and healthy, she didn’t expect to be coming to terms with her infertility, considering the likelihood of early menopause or wondering how much longer she had to live.

A day after she was diagnosed, Francine underwent surgery to remove her ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, endometrium, and lymph nodes.

Thanks to your support and advancements in cancer research, Francine is still alive today.

Francine, a medical researcher in the field of genetics in cardiovascular disease, is passionate when discussing the importance of research.

Francine says, “Research gives power to scientists, medical teams and patients. Being aware of the research available now and in the future can help you, as a patient, to make informed decisions, fight for better treatments and improve your own life quality. So why not support research?”

Francine and her husband Ian are also dealing with her cancer-related infertility and exploring the option of egg donors and surrogacy to start their own family.

Now, four years after her cancer diagnosis, Francine is the Cancer Council NSW ambassador for Girls’ Night In to raise funds for women’s cancers.

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