Brandon’s story

Brandon and his Mum

Brandon and his Mum

21 years on from a cancer diagnosis

“My name is Brandon and I’m writing to say thank you for your ongoing support of Cancer Council. I received your kind words of support following the Christmas Appeal, and they meant a lot to me.

The day before my first birthday, doctors told my parents that they had found an inoperable brain tumour wrapped around my brain stem. “We’re really sorry,” they said. “There’s nothing we can do.” My parents refused to take no for an answer and were referred to a top neurosurgeon. After much deliberation, he agreed to operate but insisted that it was unlikely to succeed. “It’s high risk and purely experimental,” he told them.

 I did survive and Mum says “it was the first of many miracles for our family”.

And even though the doctors said Brandon would never eat and drink, never run and probably never even walk, he didn’t let that hold him back. The miracles continued.

That was many, many treatments and 21 years ago. Despite the odds, Brandon and the doctors found a way.

Thanks to supporters like you funding ongoing advancements in research, Brandon is alive and well.

Brandon in America

Brandon in America

And with extra help from Cancer Council supporters, researchers are continuing to develop new and more effective ways of treating and detecting cancer so more people like Brandon can have their miracle too.

“Today, I still live with cancer. Only parts of the tumour have been removed over the years, so it’s something I live with every day and potentially for the rest of my life. I don’t let this stop me doing anything. I’m starting a new job soon and took my first overseas trip to the United States this year.

So for me, cancer research is vital and I am enormously grateful to you for supporting the work of Cancer Council NSW in this area. More than anything, I want to find a cure. No other family should go through what we’ve been through.”

Do you have a cancer story?

Sharing your cancer experiences can provide comfort and courage to others whose lives have been touched by cancer. Your story can also help Cancer Council raise awareness of cancer prevention and help in our efforts to raise much needed funds for cancer research, prevention and support programs.


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