Questions for your doctor

Below are some questions you may want to ask your doctor about living well after cancer treatment.

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Fear of the cancer coming back

  • Am I at risk of getting a different type of cancer or another serious health problem due to the cancer or its treatment?
  • How can I manage the fear of the cancer coming back?
  • What can I do to reduce the chance of the cancer returning?
  • How likely is it that my cancer will come back?

Follow-up care

  • Is it possible to get a survivorship care plan?
  • Can I have a copy of my cancer treatment summary?
  • Who should I go to for my follow-up appointments?
  • Why do I need check-ups?
  • What will happen during my check-ups?
  • How often do I need check-ups?
  • What symptoms/problems should I watch out for?
  • Who should I contact if I develop new symptoms?
  • What happens if there are signs the cancer has come back?

Family and friends                                                   

  • Where can my family get help and advice?
  • Are my children at risk of inheriting my type of cancer?

Treatment side effects

  • How long will it be before I feel better?
  • Am I at risk of developing late effects? What might these be? What can I do to prevent this?
  • Am I likely to have long-term problems with pain? How can I control the pain?
  • What can I do to stop feeling so tired all the time?
  • What can I do to help me sleep better?
  • Where can I get help for dealing with my feelings? Can you refer me to a psychologist or counsellor?
  • What sexual changes are likely to be short term and what changes are likely to be long term? Who can I speak to about this?
  • Did the cancer and treatment affect my fertility?
  • Is there someone I can see about ongoing side effects?

Taking control of your health                                    

  • Is there anything I can do to improve my health?
  • Should I follow a special diet now that treatment has finished?
  • Who can give me advice about eating a healthy diet?
  • What exercises would you recommend? Can you refer me to a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist?
  • What advice do you have about returning to work?
  • Are there any complementary therapies that might help me?
  • Are there any support services you can refer me to?

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