What is palliative care and how does it work? Infographic

7 April 2017 | Cancer Council NSW

For some hearing the term palliative care it can be a shock, but it doesn’t always mean the end is near.

Palliative care can be a life-enriching treatment for people with advanced cancer, offered alongside therapies intended to prolong life. For people nearing end of life and their loved ones, it can help ease the physical and emotional toll of dying.

This infographic helps explain palliative care, who provides it and the benefits it can have for people affected by advanced or terminal cancer.

What is palliative care? infographic


How you can help

Cancer Council are asking the NSW Government to fund an additional 139 palliative care doctors and nurses across the State and to meet the palliative care needs of Aboriginal communities.

Join our campaign now to end the shortage of palliative care in NSW.


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