Lily’s life motto: Be curious, never stop learning

29 November 2019 | Cancer Council NSW

Lily first heard of Cancer Council NSW during her cancer treatment. At a regular check-up she was referred to our ENRICHing Survivorship Program at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, which helps people recovering from cancer to maintain good health, nutrition, exercise and wellbeing.

Now, over two years later, we’re proud to announce that Lily has recently been awarded Community Ambassador of the Year at our inaugural Supporter Awards.

Read on to learn about the many ways Lily is continually learning and challenging herself through volunteering for us.

If you’re interested in volunteering with us, too, we’d love to hear from you!    


Lily GubbayWhat do you get out of volunteering at Cancer Council NSW?

What I love about this organisation is the way that everyone genuinely cares about minimising the effects of cancer on people touched by this life-threatening disease.

Volunteering keeps me mentally active and stimulated and reminds me that learning doesn’t need to stop as you get older.

Over my time as a volunteer at Cancer Council, I’ve also learnt so much about the various other prevention, education programs and initiatives out in the wider community. I’ve been able to explore these interests and improved my skills in advocacy, MP Liaison and speaker roles.


Lily receiving her award

What does it mean to you to be our Community Ambassador of the Year 2019? 

Being recognised as the Community Ambassador of the Year was a huge surprise! I’m still in awe of this amazing honour and recognition by Cancer Council NSW.

For me, it demonstrates how Cancer Council NSW has embraced and empowered me to become a better person and an active volunteer.

I’m even more motivated to give back now because Cancer Council NSW really cares for its people. This shines through from the extremely dedicated staff, CEO and Board Members to all the many talented and hardworking volunteers.  


You’ve recently joined the Cancer Council NSW Leadership Development Program. How have you found it so far?

When I got accepted into the Leadership Development Program, I was humbled and grateful. I applied for the program because I wanted to gain more confidence in communicating to people from all different backgrounds and professional levels.

So far, the program has given me the chance to revitalise and awaken some of my forgotten dreams. For example, I’m passionate about coaching, teaching and leading people to believe in themselves. I want to help people be happier, more resilient and more fulfilled in their lives.

It’s been a fantastic opportunity to learn and improve my skills.


Thanks again to Lily for her dedication to Cancer Council NSW and sharing her inspiring journey of learning and growth through volunteering.

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