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Everyone deserves more time with their loved ones

Celebrate every day with your loved ones and make the most of the time you have together. That’s the advice from mum Erin, breast cancer survivor, who’s deeply worried about how much time she’ll have to share with her children, three year old Laila and baby Harlyn.


    Erin-and-babyErin and daughter Laila

My greatest fear is that I will not be alive to see my children grow up.

Cancer Council NSW is 96% community funded, so your tax-deductible donation will have a big impact. It not only helps people like Erin survive and spend more time with her children, it funds breakthroughs in cancer research that will help treat and prevent cancer in the future.

We want to give Erin and her kids the gift of time.

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A donation today can be as good for the pocket as it is for the soul. A great way to reduce your taxable income is donating to charity, and money donated in June can result in tax back by July.

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Donations can reduce an individual’s taxable income. Money donated in June can result in tax back by July.

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