Our way of working

Our financial sustainability

Cancer Council NSW will increase fundraising revenue, ensure a sound investment strategy, leverage opportunities and seek out partnerships to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Our solid financial position will support our growth. This allows us to extend our reach into the community and invest in:

  • cancer research
  • prevention
  • information and support
  • advocacy

Our people

Our staff and volunteers are our greatest assets, and we value their commitment, their passion and their contribution to the cancer cause. Our positive workplace culture fosters innovation, recognises performance and offers development opportunities, ensuring that we attract, retain and invest in the best people.

Our reputation

We value the Cancer Council NSW brand and are committed to excellence in the delivery of our programs, ensuring that our work is measurable and impacts the community. We recognise that we are accountable to the community, and all of our activities are carried out openly and with transparency.

Our business systems

We ensure that the Cancer Council NSW is effective and efficient by reviewing and improving business processes and investing in systems and technologies.

Our governance

Cancer Council NSW is committed to improving governance and management processes, ensuring greater effectiveness and increased efficiency.

Our community

Our vision can only be realised by harnessing the support and power of our community to drive positive and lasting change at the grassroots level.

Our communication

We value everyone connected to Cancer Council NSW and ensure that our staff, volunteers, stakeholders, partners, researchers, donors, advocates and community supporters are kept up to date with the latest cancer information and our progress.

Our commitment to equity

Cancer Council NSW works to address disparities in communities that are disproportionately affected by cancer, such as those in regional or rural areas, Aboriginal people, culturally and linguistically diverse populations, and those experiencing financial hardship.

Our partnerships

Cancer Council NSW looks for opportunities to collaborate with like-minded organisations, businesses, government, health professionals, researchers, educational institutions and individuals to maximise our potential, to share knowledge and to increase our impact for communities. We will strengthen our collaborations with Cancer Council Australia and Cancer Councils in states and territories across the country to leverage opportunities and economies of scale.

Our evaluation and data

As an evidence-based organisation, Cancer Council NSW values research and evaluation. We are committed to delivering the best outcomes for individuals and the community, and ensure that all our programs and activities are well evaluated so that we can measure our impact and improve our effectiveness. Data is crucial to improving our work, delivering our programs and understanding the needs of the community. We respect the privacy of individuals, and we are responsible for how we use, disclose and store personal information.