Research Priority

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Why this focus?

Research is fundamental to unlocking the answers that will help us to beat cancer.

As an evidence-based organisation, our research improves the collective knowledge about cancer, and helps us prioritise the areas where we can have the greatest impact. Research underpins Cancer Council’s prevention, information and support, and advocacy programs. 

What we do

  • We conduct and fund research which is of value to the cancer community.
  • We provide expert and impartial evidence which identifies policy and clinical solutions to reduce the impact of cancer.
  • We work with and recruit international science leaders to advise us in the transparent allocation and rigorous monitoring of our research investment.

Research Impact

Our research investment will achieve both local and global influence, enhancing outcomes across the entire cancer journey: from prevention through to treatment and living well after cancer. Our research will reduce the impact of cancer for people now, and for future generations.