Prevention Priority

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Why this focus?

Preventing cancer is one of the most effective ways of beating cancer. More than a third of cancers are related to smoking, overexposure to the sun, being overweight and obese, poor nutrition, alcohol consumption and lack of physical activity.
We can prevent cancer by helping people make healthier choices every day, and by creating environments that promote cancer-smart behaviours and reduce exposure to known cancer risks.

What we do

  • We enable people to make cancer-smart lifestyle choices about smoking, sun exposure, body weight, nutrition, alcohol consumption and physical activity to reduce their own risk of cancer. 
  • We focus on those groups in the community where we can have the greatest impact. 
  • We focus on those risk factors where individual choice and community action can make a difference, and on the preventable cancers that have the greatest burden on the NSW community. 
  • We deliver programs and interventions in settings such as schools, workplaces, community and social services, and work in partnership with local councils, health services and community organisations to change policies and practices to promote cancer-smart environments.  
  • We identify legislative and regulatory changes needed to promote healthy, cancer-smart environments.

Prevention Impact

With people increasingly making healthy, cancer-smart lifestyle choices, fewer will be diagnosed with preventable cancer. Our community will be informed and empowered to reduce cancer risk, and will live, work and play in environments that protect from known cancer risks.