Information and Support Priority

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Why this focus?

Cancer can affect every area of people’s lives. People may want more information about cancer, or have questions regarding diagnosis, management or treatment options. They may need emotional support while undergoing treatment, making decisions or coming to terms with their circumstances. They may need assistance with the practical day-to-day issues that can arise following a diagnosis and during treatment, which impact other areas of their life. As cancer treatments improve, an ever-increasing number of people are living longer after a cancer diagnosis and adjusting to life after cancer.

What we do

  • We provide up-to-date, evidence-based information for people who have questions about any aspect of cancer, including diagnosis, treatment and where to turn for help.

  • We deliver support services to help lessen the burden of cancer, which assist with the practical day-to-day issues that often accompany a cancer diagnosis, such as financial or work concerns, legal needs or attending treatment.

  • We provide emotional support for people affected by cancer, offering opportunities to talk to cancer professionals or connect with people who have had similar experiences.

  • We find innovative ways for people to easily access relevant information and support.  

Information and Support impact

We will assist people as they navigate the cancer journey, easing their emotional and practical burdens and helping them make informed decisions.