Fundraising Priority

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Why this focus?

Cancer Council NSW is mainly community funded and relies on the generosity of the community to help us beat cancer. The money raised enables us to fund vital cancer research; prevent cancer by helping people make cancer-smart lifestyle choices; empower and support people affected by cancer, and ensure that governments take action on issues such as reducing cancer risk and accessing treatment and care.

 What we do

  • We harness the community’s commitment to the cancer cause by providing opportunities to make a donation, leave a bequest, get involved in an event or fundraise for Cancer Council. 
  • We enable our supporters to engage with our cancer programs and services and keep them informed about our health promotion campaigns and our research findings and breakthroughs.
  • We connect individuals, through our events, with a community of supporters who are equally as committed to beating cancer. 
  • We seek out partnerships to amplify our impact across our vital cancer programs. 

Fundraising impact

Increasing our community engagement and fundraising effort will result in greater investment across the cancer journey. In the future, we will see more research breakthroughs; fewer cases of cancer diagnosed; better support for people as they navigate the cancer journey; and improved legislation, patient services and government funding.