Advocacy Priority

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Why this focus?

We know that, at times, government policies don’t reflect what available evidence tells us about cancer prevention and access to care and treatment. Our independence enables us to focus on initiatives for which there is strong evidence and where community action can make a difference. Mobilising the power of the community is an effective way to influence government action. Supporting the community to advocate for change can result in significant improvements in legislation, public policy and funding to reduce cancer risk and improve cancer care.

What we do

  • We bring together evidence and the expectations of the community, to convince local, state and federal governments to make changes to legislation, policies and funding that will reduce cancer risk and improve care and treatment for patients. 

  • We grow our movement through networks of community advocates with the passion and power to change the way governments deal with cancer. 

  • We particularly focus on limiting the availability of tobacco; reducing the financial burden on cancer patients; improving cancer outcomes for Aboriginal people; improving timely access to services; and addressing food industry practices that contribute to obesity. 

Advocacy impact

Our work with the community will ensure that there is increased funding for care and treatment; that new legislation is introduced that protects people from known cancer risks; and that services are provided that ease the burden for cancer patients and their carers.