Our Position Statements and formal submissions

Position Statements

Fruit, Vegetables and Cancer Prevention

Food Marketing to Children

Alcohol and Cancer

Meat and Cancer Prevention

Fibre, Wholegrain Cereals and Cancer

Salt and Cancer Risk

Reports and formal submissions



No Transport, No Treatment (591 KB, PDF, Dec 2007)

By the Community Transport to Health Services in NSW

Car Parking for cancer patients in New South Wales (202 KB, PDF, Jun 2012)



Improving Radiotherapy in NSW: Answering the Tough Questions (166 KB, PDF, Dec 2009)

Roadblocks to Radiotherapy: Stories behind the Statistics (181 KB, PDF, Nov 2009)

Improving Radiotherapy: Where to From Here? (175 KB, PDF, May 2009)



Accommodating Change: A Review of Accommodation for People with Cancer NSW (660 KB, PDF, Aug 2009, Full Report)

Accommodating Change (341 KB, PDF, Aug 2009, Summary of Report)

Accommodating Change (447 KB, PDF, Mar 2009, Provider Report)


Pre-Election Priorities

Saving Life 2019: NSW Election Priorities (1.64 MB, PDF, Jun 2018)

Saving Life 2015: Vision for Change (373 KB, PDF, Jul 2014)

Saving Life 2011: An Agenda for Cancer Control (320 KB, PDF, Jun 2010)

Saving Life 2011: Listen Up – Community Conversations (176 KB, PDF, Jun 2011)



The Cost of Cancer in NSW (3 MB, PDF, Apr 2007)

By: Access Economics