Ways the community can help

Cancer information for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People

There are many ways you can volunteer to help support people with cancer in your community.

Help people get to treatment

Travelling to and from medical appointments is difficult for many people affected by cancer, sometimes requiring repeated attendance at facilities which may be far from home.

Cancer Council NSW helps people affected by cancer and their carers travel to treatment in New South Wales. Support is provided in four ways:

  1. Grant funding support is given to local community transport providers
  2. Cancer Council owned vehicles are operated externally with Cancer Council volunteers
  3. Cancer Council owned and operated services with Cancer Council volunteers
  4. Cancer Council volunteers using their personal vehicles

If you would like to volunteer to become a transport volunteer please contact the program manager on 02 9334 1980.


Help out at home

Cancer Council NSW operates volunteer run programs in communities across New South Wales to help people in their homes or around the community while they are having cancer treatment.

Help may include everyday household tasks such as light housework, dog walking, light cooking, transport to treatment or shopping, carer respite, or simply providing some friendly company.

If you would like to volunteer to become an in home support volunteer please contact the program manager on 02 9334 1980.


Use your experience with cancer to help someone else on their cancer journey

Cancer Connect is a one-to-one telephone peer support service for people with cancer. Support is provided by a person who has recovered from a similar cancer experience and is a specially trained Cancer Connect peer support volunteer supported by health professionals.

If you have recovered from your own cancer experience and would like to know more about providing peer support with Cancer Connect contact us:

  • Call 13 11 20 and speak to a Cancer Connect consultant
  • Click here to fill out the online form and a Cancer Connect consultant will call you.


Start a Cancer Support Group in your community

Cancer support groups provide a safe place for people affected by cancer to come together to support each other, share ideas, obtain information from health professionals and each other, and learn coping skills in a caring environment. Most cancer support groups are community led, with support and training from Cancer Council.

Our Cancer Support Group Leader Program assists people to start-up and run a support group and strengthens the partnership between your group and Cancer Council. The program offers:

To join the Cancer Support Group Leader Program contact our co-ordinators.

Kim Pearce
(02) 9334 1898
Email: kimp@nswcc.org.au

Sally Carveth
(02) 9334 1846
Email: sallyc@nswcc.org.au

Download the fact sheet: What we know about cancer support groups for more information about support groups.

Search the Cancer Services Directory to see if there is a Cancer Support Group in your area.


Community involvement in research

Cancer Council NSW highly values the views of the community we serve and represent. That’s why we believe that cancer survivors, cancer carers, and members of the general public should be at the heart of cancer research. Members of the cancer community have a unique insight into the problems faced by those going through cancer, and their involvement in research means that research is conducted in partnership with the people it is intended to benefit. This partnership helps to ensure real-world needs are met by the research Cancer Council NSW funds.

Cancer Council NSW provides a free blended-learning training course to equip community members to play this important role. The training includes a short series of online modules and a half-day face-to-face workshop. 

Click here to find out more.