Carissa Paglino – Artist’s story

Cancer information for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People

Healing JourneyCarissa Paglino created the artwork – Healing Journey – which is used through out this website. You can see it on the side on the right.

Carissa was born and raised in the city of Newcastle, which is Awabakal country. She is a descedant of the Wanaruah people, from the Upper Hunter Valley in NSW and has lived in the Newcastle area for most of her life. She currently lives in Medowie, NSW, which is Worimi country.

In 2004, while studying for a Diploma in Graphic Design, Carissa started work as a Graphic Designer with Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre. After completing her Diploma began full time work with Miromaa, where she helped develope Miromaa Design, a high quality Graphic Design service.

Carissa PaglinoHer freelance work has included designing Aboriginal style tattoos, Aboriginal artwork canvas prints, designing clothing label design and Aboriginal fabric designs. In her spare time Carissa practices many different forms of art, design and craft including painting, collage, mix media, drawing, scrap booking, photography, fabric design, origami and pottery.

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The story of Healing Journey

The start of this journey (bottom left) is cluttered and busy representing the trials and hardships that can be experienced by the individual and those around them when someone is unwell. A pathway is depicted with meeting/resting place symbols scattered along the way portraying the struggles and also high points along the journey. The circles get sparser as you move along the pathway showing the healing process as struggles and hurdles become less and less. The colours also get brighter as you move along the pathway showing happiness.

The artwork shows that with positive thinking, healthy living and the support of family, friends and health care workers a healing journey can take place. The people are represented by the silhouettes in the background, they are all connecting with other, dancing happily and helping each other to heal. The artwork has a flowing pattern and direction to represent peace, happiness, harmony and healing. The journey and pathway also refers to the cycle of life which is important in Aboriginal culture.

Healing Journey is a 600mm x 700mm acrylic painting on canvas.

Colour Meanings

Purple – wisdom, dignity, ambition. Purple evokes peace of mind.

Red – strength, vigour, willpower, courage. Red is an emotionally intense colour.

Orange – encouragement, determination. Orange produces an invigorating effect and stimulates mental activity.

Yellow – joy, happiness, energy. Warming effect; arouses cheerfulness and stimulates mental activity.

White – goodness, purity, safety, cleanliness. White has a positive association.

Black – used in artwork for highlights and contrast purposes.