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Gibberd AJ, Supramaniam R, Dillon A,  Armstrong BK  & O’Connell DL.

Are Aboriginal people more likely to be diagnosed with more advanced cancer?
The Medical Journal of Australia. (2015)
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Rodger JC,  Supramaniam R, Gibberd AJ, Smith DP, Armstrong BK, Dillon A & O’Connell DL. Prostate cancer mortality outcomes and patterns of primary treatment for Aboriginal men in New South Wales, Australia.
BJU International, Supplement article. (2014)
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Supramaniam R, Gibberd A, Dillon A., Goldsbury DE, &O Connell DL. Increasing rates of surgical treatment and preventing comorbidities may increase breast cancer survival for Aboriginal women.
BMC Cancer 2014, 14:163. (2014)
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Treloar, C, Gray, R, Brener, L, Jackson, C, Saunders, V, Johnson, P, Harris, M, Butow, P, & Newman, CE. “I can’t do this, it’s too much”: Building social inclusion in cancer diagnosis and treatment experiences of Aboriginal people, their carers and health workers.
International Journal of Public Health. Advance online publication. (2013)
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Treloar, C, Gray, R, Brener, L., Jackson, C, Saunders, V, Johnson, P, Harris, M, Butow, P, & Newman, CE. Health literacy in relation to cancer: addressing the silence about and absence of cancer discussion among Aboriginal people, communities and health services.
Health and Social Care in the Community, 21(6), 655-664. (2013)
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Newman, CE, Gray, R, Brener, L, Jackson, LC, Saunders, V, Johnson, P, Harris, M, Butow, P, & Treloar, C. One size fits all? The discursive framing of cultural difference in health professional accounts of providing cancer care to Aboriginal people.
Ethnicity and Health, 18(4), 433-447. (2013)
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Newman, C, Treloar, C, Brener, L, Ellard, J, O’Connell, D, Butow, P, Supramaniam, R, & Dillon, A. Aboriginal Patterns of Cancer Care: a five-year study in New South Wales.
Aboriginal & Islander Health Worker Journal, 32(3), May/June: 6-7. (2008)


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