Fundraiser Profile

Yannin Yannin

How long have you been working on Cancer Council’s campaign?

I have been working on Cancer Council’s campaign for over 13 months now. 

What is your personal experience with cancer?

Cancer is quite prevalent in my family. I lost my grandmother and grandfather when I was quite young to different forms of cancer and my uncle to lung cancer only 4 years ago. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago as well. I still remember the day she was diagnosed: I was at a friend’s birthday party and when she called me to tell me the news, I broke down crying. As an only child it’s difficult not having anyone to really talk to. Cancer has always been a concern but after my mom was diagnosed it quickly became my entire life and I vowed to do whatever I could to try and prevent this awful disease from tearing apart any more families. Thankfully however, she is now in remission and likely to make a full recovery! 

Why do you have a drive to work for this cause?

My family history and personal experience with my mother really acts as the driving force for me to work on behalf of this cause. Seeing the work that this organisation does for so many families just like mine makes me proud to go into work everyday. 

What is your favourite part of working on a face-to-face and door-to-door campaign for Cancer Council?

My favourite part of working on the Cancer Council campaign is the amazing opportunities I am presented with to meet so many inspirational people who do want to help us make a difference. Hearing everyone’s stories of their own personal experiences and how we’ve been able to help them or their families through hard times is really motivating.

Why do you think this form of fundraising is so important?

Long term commitment is extremely important to funding the research necessary to making the real differences. Cancer isn’t cured in a day and our Breakthrough supporters are the ones who can ensure families get the continual support they need and guarantee that we can complete the research that WILL, one day, beat cancer.