Weather & UV Chart

What is the Weather & UV Chart?

The Weather & UV Chart is a fun and interactive resource that supports educators to teach children about the link between UV radiation and sun protection.

Watch this fun 2 minute video to see how the chart can be used:

The key message is ‘when the number gets to 3, we protect against UV’. When the UV level is 3 or above we need to protect our skin using all measures: at least SPF30+ sunscreen, a sun-safe hat and clothing, utilising shade and, if possible wearing sunglasses.

It’s important for children to understand that the UV radiation in sunlight causes skin cancer; not the temperature, brightness or heat.

The Weather & UV Chart is sponsored by Child Care Super.

Weather & UV Chart FINAL

How do I use the Weather & UV Chart?

The chart is made up of a magnetic board and accompanying magnets of sun safe items including hats clothing. The chart is to be used based on the maximum UV level for the day.

  1. Check the maximum UV level for the day.
  2.  Mark the maximum UV level on the chart using the ‘today’ arrow magnet.
  3. If the UV is 3 or above, all sun protection is required. To demonstrate this, involve the children by asking them to place the magnetic sun protective top, sun safe hat and sunscreen on the boy and girl.
  4.  Finally, ask the children to place a weather magnet in the sky to show the day’s weather.

Please note these instructions are based on maximum UV levels. UV levels are usually highest in the middle of the day and in summer. In the early morning, late afternoon and in winter the UV is at its lowest. We suggest using the chart around lunchtime as this is when the UV will generally be the highest. Cancer Council NSW recommends reducing the amount of time spent outside during peak UV times. Remember sun protection is not required when the UV level is below 3.

How do I know what the UV level is?

To check the daily UV levels in your area, you can do any of the following:

  1. Download the SunSmart app. The SunSmart app also features a 7 day forecast, vitamin D tracker and an alert to remind you to reapply your sunscreen.
  2. Check Cancer Council NSW’s UV Alert.
  3. Look at the weather pages in the newspaper.

Educator Notes

The Weather & UV Chart Educator Notes have been developed to demonstrate how the chart links to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) for Australia. These notes also support childcare educators to use the Weather & UV Chart and facilitate various sun-safe learning activities. For your convenience, the notes can be downloaded in sections or as one complete document. Please see the links below.

Complete Weather & UV Chart Educator Notes

Links to EYLF – Principles, Practices & Learning Outcomes

How can my centre get a Weather & UV Chart?

Cancer Council NSW produced a limited number of Weather & UV Charts to trial in services that renew their SunSmart membership. If the trial is successful, we will look to share this idea with childcare services across Australia.

To see if your centre is due for renewal call the SunSmart team on 9334 1761.

To find out how to renew your free SunSmart membership, click here.


Child Care Super is very excited to be the exclusive 2014 sponsor of Cancer Council NSW’s Weather & UV Chart.

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