Children’s Health or Corporate Wealth? Food marketing to children in Australia

Food marketing influences childrenFood marketing influences children’s food preferences, food choices and the food they ask their parents to buy. A survey of NSW adults showed that 73% of people in NSW support a ban on unhealthy food advertising that targets children, and 74% of parents want support from the government to protect children from unhealthy food marketing on television.

Reducing children and young people’s exposure to the marketing and advertising of unhealthy foods is included under Strategic Direction 1 in the NSW Healthy Eating and Active Living Strategy: Preventing overweight and obesity in New South Wales 2013-2018.

Children’s Health or Corporate Wealth? provides an overview of the research into the nature and extent of food marketing to children in Australia. Children’s exposure to food advertising that promotes unhealthy foods can be reduced by improving existing regulations. Regulation of food marketing to children should:

  • Protect the health of children over corporate interests.
  • Apply to all media and forms of marketing, including TV, radio and print advertising, online marketing, food company websites and apps, social media, sports sponsorship, on-pack and in-store promotions and outdoor advertising. It should apply to marketing that is directed to children aged under 16 years, or to which a high number of children under 16 years are likely to be exposed.
  • Use independently-developed and consistent nutrition criteria to ensure only healthy foods are promoted to children.
  • Include independent, clear and transparent monitoring and enforcement processes.

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