Pancreatic support videos: Vietnamese

The online pancreatic support videos include stories from individuals who have been affected by pancreatic cancer and  are designed to be watched individually according to your own particular situation.

Each module (around six minutes) tells a discrete story and is designed to introduce those affected by pancreatic cancer to some of the words you will now hear from your treating team. We encourage you to watch only those modules that are relevant to your  current situation and take any questions raised back to your doctor.

The modules can also be viewed as a whole program. You can view them either below or call 13 11 20 to order a DVD.

The modules are also available to view in other languages.

  • Click here to watch in English
  • Click here to watch in Arabic or Chinese


Bạn không cô đơn (You are not alone)


Về ung thư tuyến tụy (About pancreatic cancer)


Nhận biết các triệu chứng (Recognising the symptoms)


Đạt được một chẩn đoán (Achieving a diagnosis)


Bắt đầu điều trị (Starting treatment)


Phẫu thuật (Surgery)


Hóa trị (Chemotherapy)


Xạ trị (Radiotherapy)


Căn bệnh ở giai đoạn cuối (Palliative care)


Vấn đề chế độ ăn uống (Dietary issues)


Tìm kiếm sự giúp đở (Seeking support)


Gia đình và người chăm sóc (Family and carers)


Nghiên cứu và thử nghiệm lâm sàng (Research and clinical trials)


Tương lai (Moving forward)