Volunteer Profile – Anne

We value our Volunteers as they help us to create Cancer Smart communities and make a world of a difference. We are very privileged to have such caring volunteers both here at the office, and out and about creating cancer awareness. As they are so special to us and such a diverse group, we thought we’d share them with you.

  1. Why did you first volunteer for Cancer Council NSW?
  2. How long have you been a Volunteer?
  3. What’s your role?
  4. What are some of your hobbies?
  5. The ‘Beach’ or the ‘Snow’?
  6. Tea or Coffee?
  7. What is your favourite Cancer Council NSW event?
  8. Do you enjoy Volunteering for Cancer Council?
  9. Any comments for potential volunteers?


  1. Well, I went to ‘Volunteer Centre’ because I’m not of age to get the pension and out of work, and they sent me here
  2. Nearly 6 months now, well that went quick!
  3. I’m in administration, but I just help out wherever they need me, really.
  4. I love reading, swimming, walking and making crafty things
  5. Beach, I like the fresh air and sun
  6. Both, I have to have my morning cup of Tea and then just cups of coffee throughout the day
  7. Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, or Pink Ribbon Day
  8. Yes, I love it!
  9. Very rewarding! You meet lots of people and the girls here are lovely and I love working with them, I do recommend it!

    anne volunteer

Volunteers form the foundation of our organisation in a number of ways, so become a one for the Cancer Council NSW. Join this happy group of people and become one of our team. We can’t wait to see you guys!

Some up and coming events this month are:

  • ‘Community Speakers Training Day’ in Orange on the 22nd March 2014. ‘Community Speakers’ is a program that the Cancer Council NSW has created to educate the community about Cancer and provide relevant information on surrounding issues. It uses presentation, displays and a speaker to touch on many topics under cancer awareness, such as early detection, prevention and the basics on the most common types of cancer. This training day will include everything you need to know to become a speaker and to participate in this program, so come along and Volunteer for this program, because it’s important to educate our communities on Cancer and how to prevent it.

At the office we also have great opportunities for work experience students and internships.