Working while caring

Many people who care for someone with cancer are also employed. They may work full-time, part-time, casually or have their own business. Working carers often have to balance the needs of the person they are caring for with the demands of the workplace. If the person with cancer does not work and is dependent on you, there may be financial pressure on you to continue earning an income.

Your decision to continue working will probably depend on:

  • how unwell the person with cancer is
  • what your caring and work duties involve
  • the amount of help or respite care available
  • your finances
  • what will give you peace of mind.

Before making changes to your working arrangements, talk over your thoughts with your employer, family and friends. You can also contact the Carers Association in your state or territory for support and counselling. Visit or call 1800 242 636.

To find out more about working while caring for someone, see or contact your local Carers Association. Call Cancer Council 13 11 20 and ask for free copies of Cancer, Work and You and Cancer Care and Your Rights.

This information was last reviewed in December 2014
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