Working outdoors for local government

Local government provides many opportunities to work outdoors across a wide-range of occupations. However with most parts of NSW experiencing high ultraviolet (UV) radiation levels most of the year, outdoor workers can be high risk of sunburn, skin damage, eye damage and skin cancer.

Your employer has a duty of care to maintain a safe working environment – including taking steps to protect employees whose jobs require them to work outdoors for all or part of the day from ongoing exposure to.

As an employee you also have a duty of care to your own health and safety and are required to co-operate with your employers efforts to improve workplace safety.

If your work duties require you to work some or all of the day outdoors, make protecting your skin and eyes part of the job.

Tax deductions are available for sun protection products if you are required to work outside. Talk to your tax advisor or the Australian Taxation Office on 132 861 or

working outdoors