About SunSmart OOSH

SunSmart CCNSW have partnered with Network of Community Activities to promote best practice sun protection policy and practices in the Out of School Hours sector in NSW. The SunSmart OOSH policy includes 10 SunSmart recommendations and some practical ways in which the students can be empowered to take personal responsibility for their own sun protection.

Executive Officer of Network of Community Activities, Robyn Monro Miller says:

 Become a SunSmart OOSH service!   

Out of School Hours Care services are an important setting for promoting positive sun protection behaviours and have the potential for reducing the lifetime risk of skin cancer of children in their care.

A best practice sun protection policy will help your service comply with the all seven areas of the National Quality Standards. As a member you will receive the latest evidence based information, free resources and support.

Find out more about the SunSmart Program for OOSH, how to join and the benefits of becoming a member on our dedicated SunSmart NSW website