Fact or fiction: iheard.com.au

Have you heard a claim about cancer and want to know whether it is fact or fiction?

Cancer Council Australia has created iheard.com.au, a website to help dispel the many myths, rumours and fanciful claims about cancer.

Cancer Council Scientific Advisor and international carcinogens expert, Professor Bernard Stewart, said people often blamed unknown or unlikely environmental factors for cancer, such as deodorant and food additives, rather than proven carcinogens.

“At least a third of cancers can be avoided through lifestyle choices, including not smoking, limiting alcohol, regular exercise, a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight, being SunSmart and getting checked for certain cancers at recommended ages,” Professor Stewart said.

iheard.com.au provides a simple way for the increasing number of Australians searching online to check the validity of claims made about cancer. You can post questions with links to videos or articles about cancer and our experts will provide evidence-based answers.

So if you have a question about cancer myths, go to iheard.com.au