Resources for teachers

Real Stories: secondary school resource
The Real Stories education resource for Year 7-10 secondary school students includes a series of videos and lessons examining the issues related to young people and skin cancer. The activities throughout the resource can be used individually or as part of a comprehensive unit. Teachers should note that reference is made to skin cancer throughout the resource and can therefore be upsetting for students. The resource addresses the consequences of cancer and shows footage of surgical procedures. It is recommended that teachers review the material beforehand to ensure it is suitable for students

Cancer Council “Al Bino”  WebQuest – NSW Stage 5 English Syllabus
Young people continue to remain at high risk of developing skin cancer later in life. To give secondary school students the opportunity to talk and engage about skin cancer in their own tone and environment, Cancer Council NSW developed an innovative campaign using social media and entertainment. The result was that a hip hop artist named “Al Bino” released the music video called “A Beautiful Day for Cancer” on YouTube and MySpace.

Based on this music video, a WebQuest was developed to support teachers to deliver the Stage 5 English syllabus outcomes as well as to continue to address an important health issue for young people – skin cancer.  Using innovative, interactive teaching and learning methods, the WebQuest engages students in deconstructing the key visual, textual and multimedia elements of Al Bino’s music video and associated social-networking sites. Students learn to critically analyse these elements in terms of how they shape meaning for the responder. In response, students demonstrate their understanding of these concepts by constructing their own visual, multimedia and written responses.

The  resource is available free of charge at  – check out the Teachers Guide tab today!