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The Community Speaker Program (CSP) aims to increase community awareness about cancer prevention and grow participation in the services and programs offered in local communities. 

The CSP provides the community with relevant and up to date information on issues relating to cancer. We do this through the delivery of presentations, displays and information resources on a variety of subjects such as prevention, early detection and support services provided by Cancer Council NSW.


The CSP objective is to ensure the community is kept up-to-date with the latest cancer information about the progress of Cancer Council NSW. Strategies implemented to achieve this include:

  • Connecting the community with who we are and what do we do.
  • Informing the community on how to engage with local services and activities.
  • Inspire the audience to action, to help beat cancer.


Presentation topics are divided into two areas:

About Cancer Council NSW:

  1. 5 Most Common Cancers (30 minutes, includes PPT)
  2. Cancer Council NSW Local Programs (15 minutes)
  3. Cancer Council and Research Funding (15 minutes)
  4. Where the Money Goes (10 minutes)

Cancer Prevention:

  1. Reduce Your Cancer Risk (30 minutes, includes PPT)
  2. Save Your Own Skin (30 minutes, includes PPT)
  3. Healthy Lifestyles (15 minutes)
  4. Early Detection (15 minutes)

Book a Presentation

Request a  Community SpeakerPlease contact your local office or complete our online booking form here. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for us to find a presenter to attend your event. Presentations are free of charge for community groups and community organisations.  

Other ways to communicate with us:

Email: swsd@nswcc.org.au,
like us on Facebook
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Interested in becoming a Community Speaker?

Community Speakers are volunteers who give their time and skills to educate the community about cancer. They are specially recruited and trained to be one of the important links between our organisation and the community, and in many ways become the public faces of Cancer Council NSW. Our speakers come from a wide range of backgrounds – including medicine, education, corporate or simply community members affected by cancer who want to help and make a difference. Community Speakers runs recruitment twice throughout the year (February and September).

If you are interested in volunteering please Click here to view current opportunities. If we are not currently recruiting for community speakers but you are still interested in becoming a speaker please contact your  local office directly to discuss further.

This information was last reviewed in 16/2/17