Volunteer Positions Vacant – North West Office

Cancer Council currently has a vacant volunteer position. If you are interested or know someone who is not already volunteering for Cancer Council but would be suited for the role, please contact either Bek or Shaen at the regional office.

Community Speakers Program

The Community Speakers Program was developed by Cancer Council NSW to provide the community with relevant and up-to-date information on issues relating to cancer, such as prevention, early detection, support services and Cancer Council events.

Community Speakers are volunteers who give their time and skills to educate the community about cancer. These volunteers provide an important link with the community – they are specially recruited and trained to promote awareness about Cancer Council NSW’s information and support services.

Why do we need Community Speakers?

Access to quality information is a fundamental element of a healthy community. Many neighbourhood groups, such as Services groups like Rotary and Probus, request guest speakers to provide this. We know that many cancers can be prevented or more easily treated if they are detected early. We also know that a healthy lifestyle will significantly help to reduce our risk of cancer; there is an ongoing need to reinforce this message with education and resources to raise community awareness.

The Cancer Council is regularly invited to deliver short presentations to community organisations. The Community Speakers Program enables us to respond to these important requests in a timely, flexible way that meets the needs of the community.