Community attitudes to food marketing to children

73% of people support a ban on food advertisingTo better understand the community’s attitudes relating to cancer prevention, we conducted a survey of 2,474 adults in NSW. The survey included questions on knowledge and views on food marketing to children.

Almost three quarters of people (73%) support a ban on unhealthy food advertising that targets children.

We asked 842 parents how concerned they were about certain advertising techniques that target children. Over 80% of parents were concerned about the packaging of unhealthy food products designed to appeal to children and the use of popular personalities or characters to promote unhealthy food to children. Also high on the list of parental concern were:

  • Unhealthy foods sold in school vending machines;
  • The positioning of unhealthy food at supermarket checkouts;
  • Toys and giveaways with unhealthy food; and
  • Ads on TV at times when children are watching.

Read the full report: NSW Community Survey on Cancer Prevention – Food Marketing

In March 2007 the Coalition on Food Advertising to Children (CFAC), conducted an Australia-wide telephone survey of 400 parents to find out their attitudes towards TV food advertising. Almost three quarters of parents (73%) disagreed that the current regulations were effective and the majority of parents (89%) agreed that the government should bring in stronger restrictions on unhealthy food marketing to children.

Download the full report: National Community Survey of TV Food Advertising to Children Report