Healthy eating and active living resources for councils

‘Healthier Choices’ Guidelines for Serving Healthier Foods at Local Council Meetings, Functions and Events
Diet, physical inactivity and being overweight  are major risk factors for cancer. The Healthier Choices Guidelines provide practical information and suggestions to assist your Council to serve healthier food and drinks, and limit less healthy options at Council functions and events. These guidelines are designed to make healthy choices easy choices and help build a cancer smart environment in your workplace. The guidelines are based on the national guidelines for a healthy diet and Cancer Council’s recommendations for cancer prevention. This resource can also be distributed to local sporting clubs and other groups that organise catering in the community.
Download Healthier Choices Guidelines

Healthier Options for Council – tender agreements for leased food venues
There are many types of food venues that are leased by council which provide food and drinks to the public. By writing specific healthy food and drink requirements into these tender agreements, council can make more healthy food choices available to the community.
Download Healthier Options for Council – tender agreements for leased food venues

Healthy Fundraising – ideas to promote health while still making a profit
When it comes to fundraising – chocolate, cakes, confectionery and sausage sizzles are old favourites. But Cancer Council NSW is now encouraging councils and other groups undertaking fundraising to adopt a healthier approach and we have released this new guide to help. The guide includes healthy recipes, inspiration for promoting fruit and veg, healthy ideas for a fundraising drive and much more”¦
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