Partnerships with Local Government

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Cancer directly affects one in three people in your local community, and everyone else will see and feel the impact in physical and emotional suffering, premature death and financial burden.

Fortunately, Local Government bodies are uniquely placed to work with Cancer Council NSW to lessen that impact and provide a real boost to the wellbeing of residents. As you may know, we have been working in partnership with Local Government for a long time – be it through events like Relay For Life, smoke-free playgrounds, advice on sun safety for workers or the provision of free cancer information materials to your local libraries.

Over 75% of NSW Councils have joined in formal partnership with us. While we understand that Local Government doesn’t have control over spending in hospitals, or on Medicare, there are many ways that by working together we will be able to make a difference, and together reduce the impact of cancer on your community.

How the partnership works
Local councils can join in partnership with us by adopting a motion to establish a formal relationship between Cancer Council and their council, affirming their commitment to reducing the impact of cancer in their community by:

1. Learning about and adopting new policies that will lead to a reduction in the incidence of cancer.
2. Supporting Cancer Council advocacy campaigns that benefit the residents of your community.
3. Using local council communication channels, venues, staff and networks to disseminate Cancer Council health promotion and patient support materials.
4. Helping Cancer Council to support patients and their families in your community by allowing free use of council venues for support group meetings and education programs.
5. Support Cancer Council efforts to raise funds in the local area.

How the Council benefits
Following the adoption of the resolution, your council will be recognised officially as a Cancer Council partner through the presentation of a certificate by a Cancer Council representative. We will prepare media releases affirming your commitment to develop a cancer smart community.

Cancer Council will appoint a staff member to be your representative who will  develop a relationship with ouncil and your designated ‘Partnership Relationship Managers’.

Cancer Council will provide –  free of charge –  a range of materials, policy guides and partnership activities that assist with addressing cancer in the community. Your council will be recognised on the Cancer Council NSW website as a Partner Council. View a list of current partner Councils.

Each year programs will be developed to support councils and their staff. Councils can decide on a program-by-program basis whether or not to participate.

We also provide free health-related copy for use in newspapers and mayoral columns. Among other things, this media copy will affirm the positive outcomes to the community of our partnership activities and provide useful tips to help your community become more cancer smart.

How Councils join the partnership
If you are a council staff member or Councillor, put forward a resolution at a council meeting.  Once your council has passed a resolution to join in formal partnership with Cancer Council, please complete and return the Partnership Registration Form. Alternatively, if you are a community member and would like to propose the Community Partnership Program to your local council, contact us for some assistance and information on the steps you can take.

Sample Resolution
Partnership Registration Form.

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