Alive & Well Resource Kit

Alive and Well logoCancer Council recognises that Local Governments occupy a unique and central position in society, and that they play a vital role in shaping a living environment that can affect the health, wellbeing and lifestyle of a community.

This range of Cancer Council publications have been designed specifically to assist NSW councils with fostering a healthier place to live, work and play. The resource guides focus on four prominent community issues and outline a range of strategies that councils are encouraged to consider. This information will assist with developing and achieving your Community Strategic Plan and contributes towards ensuring your community is at its best – vibrant, alive and well.

What does “healthy local living’ mean?

Supporting safer alcohol use across the community 

Improving access to health services across the community

Reducing tobacco-related harm across the community

Supporting healthy eating and active living across the community


To request a hard copy version of the Alive & Well Resource Kit, email

Cancer Council thanks the Local Government and Shires Association of NSW, the UTS Centre for Local Government and the Australian Drug Foundation for their assistance and endorsement of the publications.

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