Submissions to Government

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Legislative Council inquiry into fresh food pricing May 2018
Australia and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation review of fast food menu labelling schemes March 2018
Draft Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill 2017 March 2017
NSW Inquiry into Childhood overweight and obesity August 2016
NSW Food Authority Proposed Food Regulation 2015 & Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) June 2015
Australian Government Competition Policy Review Final Report May 2015
Free TV Australia Invitation for public comment on the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice April 2015
Food Standards Australia New Zealand Consultation on proposed extended transition period for dietary fibre claim requirements November 2014
Australian Government Competition Policy Review Draft Report November 2014
Food Standards Australia New Zealand Proposal P1030 Sports Foods and Electrolyte Drinks September 2014
Australian National Preventive Health Agency Alcohol Advertising Draft Report March 2014
Australian Government Consultation on the Health Star Rating System Style Guide December 2013


Review of the Liquor Promotion Guidelines 2018 August 2018
Proposed Liquor Regulation 2018 (NSW) July 2018
Inquiry into the Alcoholic Beverages Advertising Prohibition Bill November 2017
Liquor & Gaming NSW Evaluation of the Community Impact Statement requirement for liquor licence applications Discussion Paper July 2017
NSW Liquor Law Review April 2016
Australian National Preventive Health Agency Alcohol Advertising Draft Report March 2014
Food Standards Australia New Zealand Consultation on the cost benefit analysis of energy labelling on alcoholic beverages February 2014
NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing Statutory review of the Liquor Act 2007 August 2013
NSW Standing Committee on Social Issues Inquiry into Strategies to reduce alcohol abuse among young people in NSW March 2013
Australian National Preventive Health Agency Submission on Effectiveness of Alcohol Advertising Codes February 2013


Submission on NSW Government’s Retirement Villages Regulation 2017 July  2017
Submission on Public Health (Tobacco) Regulations 2016 May 2016
Submission on Smoke-Free Environment Regulation 2016 May 2016
Submission to the NSW Government’s proposed strata law reforms August 2015
Supplement to Cancer Council NSW’s Submission to the Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2008 Statutory Review August 2014
Submission to the Statutory Review of the Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2008 December 2013
Submission on Draft National Tobacco Strategy 2012-2018 June 2012
Submission on Discussion Paper for  Strategic Directions for Tobacco Control in  NSW 2011-2016 January  2011
The Economic Issues of Smoke-Free Dining: Facts & Fiction December 2010
The Health Benefits of Smoke-Free Dining: Facts & Fiction December 2010


Submission to Public Consultation Paper of McKeon Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research October 2012
Cancer Research Leadership Forum May 2012
Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research in Australia March 2012


NSW Pre-Budget Submission 2014/15 November 2013
NSW Pre-Budget Submission 2009/10 November 2008


NSW Cancer Plan Draft 2016-2020  October 2015
Development of the NSW Cancer Plan 2011-2015 March 2010
NSW Public Health Bill April  2010
Inquiry into the Program of Appliances for Disabled People (PADP) September  2008
Towards a National Cancer Data Strategy for Australia March  2008
Inquiry into closing the gap: Overcoming Indigenous disadvantage January  2008
Inquiry into NSW State Plan Reporting December  2007
Home & Commununity Care Program Inquiry July  2006
Correctional Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2006 July  2006


Proposed Radiation Control Regulation – Support ban of Solaria October 2012
Radiation Control Amendment (sun-tanning units) Regulation 2008 January 2011


CCNSW Submission to Clinical Excellence Commission Consultation May 2018
Submission to the Greater Sydney Commission draft District Plans and the Towards our Greater Sydney 2056 amendment to A Plan for Growing Sydney March 2017
Submission to the Productivity Commission Draft Report ‘Introducing competition and informed user choice into human services: Reforms to human services June 2017
Cancer Council NSW Submission on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 (NSW) July  2017
Cancer Council NSW Response to Palliative Care Roundtables Consultation December 2017
Response to the Review of the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation and the State and Territory Peak Bodies (Affiliates) March 2016
Standing committee on Health: Inquiry into chronic disease prevention and management of lymphoedema in primary health care – submitted as member of the Lymphoedema Action Alliance (LAA) July 2015
NSW Upper House General Purpose Standing Committee 3 (GPSC 3) Inquiry into Registered nurses in nursing homes in NSW July 2015
House of Representative Standing Committee on the Environment Inquiry into the Register of Environmental Organisations  May 2015
NSW Rural Health Plan Issues paper September 2013
Consultation of the NSW Health Plan 2023 August 2013