Dr Megan Best

Dr Megan Best talks about the role of hope and purpose in advanced cancer in this podcast episodeMegan Best is a Palliative Care Researcher at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and has taught medical ethics at tertiary level for many years. She has a clinical background in palliative medicine, most recently working in the Greenwich Hospital Palliative Care Service.

She has completed her PhD, which focused on the role of the doctor in spiritual care of patients with advanced cancer, after which she was awarded a Cancer Institute NSW Postdoctoral Research Fellowship.

Megan works as a researcher with the Psycho-Oncology Co-operative Research Group at the University of Sydney examining the psychosocial, behavioural and ethical impact of genomic screening for cancer, working in association with the Garvan Institute, NSW.

Megan is also a Research Associate with the Institute for Ethics and Society, working on research projects in the area of spirituality in health care and more recently was appointed to the board of Spiritual Care Australia. 

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