Nutrition and physical activity resources for health professionals

Use this section to find nutrition information related to cancer. You will find links below to Cancer Council NSW position statements on different nutritional factors and cancer risk.

Lifestyle and Cancer What do we Know? A Guide for Health Professionals

Overweight, Obesity and Cancer Position Statement

Physical Activity and Cancer Position Statement

Alcohol and Cancer Prevention Position Statement

Fruit, Vegetables and Cancer Prevention Position Statement

Fibre, Wholegrain Cereals and Cancer Position Statement

Meat and Cancer Prevention Position Statement

Fish, Omega3 Fatty Acids and Cancer Position Statement

Dairy Foods, Calcium and Cancer Position Statement

Soy, Phyto-oestrogens and Cancer Position Statement

Selenium and Cancer Position Statement

Folate and Reducing Cancer Risk Position Statement

Tea and Cancer Position Statement

Salt and Cancer Risk Position Statement

Healthy Diet and Physical Activity for Cancer Survivors Position Statement

Food Marketing to Children Position Statement

Marketing and Promotion of Alcohol Position Statement

Front-of-Pack Food Labelling Position Statement

Consumer Information and Labelling of Alcohol Position Statement

Food Taxes Position Statement

Alcohol Pricing and Taxation Position Statement

Sugar-sweetened Beverages Position Statement

Front-of-pack Food Labelling Report
Cancer Council NSW, in collaboration with other public health and consumer organisations, has conducted a survey of 790 consumers to determine the front-of-pack food labelling system that would be most appropriate for adoption into the Australian grocery market.

Front-of-Pack Food Labelling Report

NSW Healthy Food Basket – Cost Availability and Quality Survey 2007

Cancer Council NSW has conducted a study on the costs, availability and quality of healthy foods across 150 locations in NSW. The study showed that remote areas of NSW were hardest hit not only in  fruit and vegetables affordability, quality and variety but prices also varied within regions.

NSW Healthy Food Basket Report

National Cancer Prevention Policy

The National Cancer Prevention Policy offers specific recommendations for programs and strategies to reduce the number of cancers diagnosed in Australia each year. The policy deals with reducing preventable risk factors, as well as population screening. The document is directed at government and non-government organisations and does not provide information for cancer prevention in individuals.

Food Security Discussion Paper

Cancer Council NSW has collaborated with The Physical Activity and Nutrition Obesity Research Group (PANORG) at Sydney University and Heart Foundation NSW to prepare this discussion paper on food security – Food Security: The what, who, why and where to of food security in NSW.

For more information on the nutrition and physical activity program, contact:
Nutrition Unit, Cancer Council NSW