Saving Life 2019

Act now for a cancer free future 

Every day in NSW, more than 120 people hear the words you’ve got cancer and too many families lose someone they love.

The next NSW Government has the power to reduce the number of people who get cancer and ensure that people with cancer get the support they need.

In the lead up to the March 2019 election, Cancer Council is calling on the next NSW Government to commit to reduce the impact of cancer in our communities by protecting workers and patrons from second-hand smoke in pubs and clubs, banning tobacco vending machines and introducing a tobacco retail licence fee, removing junk food marketing from government owned property, and funding public lymphoedema services across NSW. 

Cancer Council and the CanAct community has already campaigned successfully to create smoke-free outdoor areas, remove tobacco displays from shops, and ban commercial solariums. And we’ve won increased funding for palliative care services, bowel cancer screening, and those travelling to treatment.

We’ve achieved so much but there’s much more we need to do. Help us take the next steps towards a cancer free future by adding your name to the Saving Life 2019 campaign today.

We’ll then share your support—together with thousands of other people—with MPs across NSW and urge them to take strong action towards a cancer free future.