Behaviours, Beliefs & Attitudes Towards E-cigarettes

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We conducted an online survey of 1,001 NSW adults aged between 18 and 64 to better understand behaviours, beliefs and attitudes relating to e-cigarettes. Key issues captured by the survey included community:

  • awareness of e-cigarettes
  • perceptions about the purpose of e-cigarettes
  • use of e-cigarettes
  • reasons for using e-cigarettes
  • beliefs about the safety and efficacy of e-cigarettes; and
  • support for e-cigarette regulation

The results of this survey will inform Cancer Council NSW’s advocacy to the NSW government regarding regulation of e-cigarettes and will help us to develop education programs related to e-cigarettes. 

Key findings:

  • There was high awareness of e-cigarettes with 91% of participants reporting that they had heard of e-cigarettes
  • Ever-use of e-cigarettes was low, with 13% of participants reporting current or past use
  • Young adults (those aged 18 to 24) were most likely to use e-cigarettes, with about one in four reporting ever using an e-cigarette (of concern, 12% of young adults who reported e-cigarette use were never-smokers)
  • Reasons for first using an e-cigarette differed by age and smoking status. Young adults were most likely to report novelty (32%) and use among friends (19%) as their main reasons for trying an e-cigarettes, while older adults (those aged 35 to 49 and 50 to 64) were most likely to report first using e-cigarettes to help quit smoking (47%) or to help cut down (14%)
  • Most participants believed that not enough is known about the side-effects of e-cigarettes (76%) and about half felt that they were a risk to users (53%) and bystanders (49%)
  • There was general agreement (73%) that e-cigarettes should be regulated in a similar way to cigarettes and tobacco products, even among those who reported e-cigarette use (62%)


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