Submission on the recommendations of the Labelling Logic report

In September 2011, Cancer Council NSW on behalf of Cancer Council Australia responded to the recommendations made in the Labelling Logic report from the review of food labelling law and policy in Australia.

Cancer Council is interested in food labelling to assist consumers to make healthier food choices, and as a means of encouraging the food industry to develop healthier food products. Cancer Council is concerned about the potential for false, potentially misleading, deceptive, or simply misconstrued food labelling, which has the potential to contribute to unhealthy food choices, and the development of obesity and consequent chronic disease, including cancer.

Cancer Council identified several priorities for action from the Labelling Logic report. These were:

  1. Defining and prioritising ‘public health’
  2. Recognising food labelling as an important preventive health measure
  3. Developing a Nutrition Policy to guide food labelling decisions
  4. Providing nutrition information on menu boards at fast food outlets
  5. Prohibiting claims about nutrition content and health benefit on unhealthy foods
  6. Disclosing the nutrition content and ingredients in alcohol products and warning consumers about unsafe alcohol consumption
  7. Introducing a Traffic Light labelling system to empower consumers to make healthy choices
  8. An Issues Hierarchy Framework
  9. Front of pack labelling
  10. Alcohol labelling

Download the full submission here