Palliative Care – Needs assessment guidelines summary

Palliative Care Needs Assessment Guidelines Summary

The Palliative Care Needs Assessment Guidelines provide guidance to those caring for people with a life-limiting illness to ensure appropriate specialist care is offered. The guidelines have been developed under the auspices of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing to cover patient, caregiver and primary health care provider characteristics which influence the decision to provide specialist palliative care. This document is a general guide to be followed subject to the clinician’s judgement, complexity of patients’ ongoing needs and the patient’s preference for care. It is planned that the Guidelines will be generalised to the non-cancer palliative population after comprehensive evaluation.  Visit The University of Newcastle Australia website.


Cancer-Related Knowledge & Practices: Recommended Survey Items

Prepared for: The Public Health Committee of The Cancer Council Australia

To date, a number of state-based surveys have explored cancer-related knowledge, attitudes and practices. Many of these surveys contain items which are very similar, but are not identical. Therefore, there is limited ability to look at these issues on a national basis, despite their apparent relevance to most, if not all, of the states.

If a small set of recommended items is included in state-based surveys as they arise, a national picture of common items of interest can be monitored over time. The number of proposed items in this recommended set has been minimised to facilitate their inclusion in all relevant surveys. These items are for inclusion at the discretion of any individual or group.

Please visit The University of Newcastle Australia website to access this information.

Supportive Care Needs Survey (SCNS)

The SCNS is a valid and reliable instrument for assessing cancer patients’ perceived need for help across the following five domains: psychological, health system & information, physical & daily living, patient care & support and sexuality.

The core survey is available as a 59-item long-form (SCNS-LF59) and 34-item short-form (SCNS-SF34). Supplementary modules for use in conjunction with the core SCNS-LF59 and SCNS-SF34 are available for breast cancer, melanoma, prostate cancer, colostomy, and access to health care and ancillary support services.

To obtain a free copy of the SCNS, please contact:

Please visit The University of Newcastle Australia website to access this information.

SCNS Users Guide

The SCNS: A guide to administration, scoring and analysis describes the recommended procedures for administering, scoring and analysing the SCNS-LF59, SCNS-SF34 and associated supplementary modules.

The SCNS guide is now available for purchase at a cost of AUD $150 including postage and handling. This fee covers:

  • the guide with SAS programs;
  • unlimited use of the SCNS;
  • free supplements as they are developed;
  • currently available: reference values for long-term cancer survivors

Please visit The University of Newcastle Australia website to access this information.