Cancer Council NSW Reconciliation Action Plan

At Cancer Council NSW, we feel that we’ve come a long  way, and yet we are very much just making the first steps  on our reconciliation journey.

This is our first Reconciliation  Action Plan (RAP), in which we aim to establish a solid  foundation of respect, and begin to develop relationships  across NSW.  In twelve months time, we will develop  our second RAP, which will cover a three-year period.

Through this process, we display our ongoing commitment  to respect and promote Aboriginal culture, rights and  perspectives.

Following the nationally recommended model developed by  Reconciliation Australia, we established a Strategic Working  Group in 2010, comprised of key staff members from all  Divisions. We also identified a larger number of individuals  across the organisation with a commitment to Aboriginal  health and engagement issues. These people led our “˜Yarn  Up’ consultation process, resulting in our first RAP.

Download the Reconciliation Action Plan 2012/13    (PDF 1.6Kb)