Clinical Algorithms for Lung Cancer

Cancer Council NSW is developing evidence-based clinical algorithms for the treatment of lung cancer.quasi algorithms
The Cancer Epidemiology Research Unit has been commissioned by the Cancer Institute NSW to develop clinically relevant algorithms for the treatment of lung cancer.

Study personnel

Prof Dianne O’Connell, Cancer Research Division
Chief Investigator

Katie Armstrong, Cancer Research Division
Project Coordinator

Leonardo Simonella, Cancer Research Division

Aims of the study

The aim of the project is to collect any existing algorithms, treatment plans or protocols used in the treatment of lung cancer in treatment centres across NSW. The information will help determine the most commonly used practices for lung cancer treatment in NSW with the aim of developing evidence-based consensus treatment algorithms. Once acceptable and practical algorithms have been agreed upon, they will be turned into a simple clinical tool that will be made available to doctors.

Study plan

  1. Collect and review treatment algorithms for lung cancer currently in use in NSW
  2. Develop consensus treatment algorithms
  3. Review the evidence supporting the consensus algorithms for the treatment of lung cancer in NSW
  4. Formulate final treatment algorithms
  5. Develop a simple clinical tool based on these algorithms

Study news

Lung cancer treatment algorithms currently in use across NSW have been collected and reviewed. An algorithm has been agreed upon and the evidence is now being collected to support them. The next step is to finalise the treatment algorithms and to create a simple clinical tool that can be used by lung cancer specialists.

For further information, please contact us at or call us on 02 9334 1860.