Epidemiological research: Associate Professor Freddy Sitas

A/Prof Freddy Sitas and staff of the Cancer Research Division provide expert, impartial evidence that influence decision of Cancer Council NSW divisions, policy makers, practitioners and the community, to reduce the national and international impact of cancer .

Freddy leads over 45 scientific staff, students and volunteers working with more than 150 collaborators throughout Australia and the world. Find out about the Cancer Research Division by viewing their webpages here.

A/Prof Freddy Sitas heads up the Cancer Causes Program of the Cancer Research Division. This program conducts research studies examining how the interactions between genes, the environment, diseases and lifestyle choices affect your risk of developing cancer.  He is the Chief Investigator of the Cancer Lifestyle and Evaluation of Risk Study (CLEAR), and the Cervical Health Study, the Skin Health Study and the InterSCOPE Study.

View A/Prof Sitas’ CV and publications here.

Freddy can comment on: Cancer research, viruses and cancer (including HIV and cancer, Human Papillomavirus, helicobacter pylori, human herpes virus, tuberculosis and cancer), biobanking, global studies and comparisons, cancer registration, cancer in developing countries, tobacco- and alcohol- attributed disease.